What we can do for you


Keeping your finances tidy is a must for any business We’ve kept the books for companies such as Rift Market and KUgroup and know our way around a spreadsheet. We can set up a structure that fits your company’s needs, or maintain already existing spreadsheets for a flat monthly fee.

Media creation

From a trailer for a new product to a celebratory video for a colleague: we can cater to any wants and needs in the field of professional video production and graphic design. Original drawings and illustrations are also available from our partnered artists.


No more hassle with figuring out how to run an ad-campaign. We’ll do the heavy lifting for you so you can sit back and relax. Google AdWords or Facebook ads.

Communication & Secretarial services

The small things add up. Scheduling, responding to low-priority emails; all things that don’t create any value for you and might just usurp energy better spent in different places. For a monthly fixed fee (due to the nature of this service) get all the menial tasks out of the way so you can focus on what matters.